Good Shepherd Sunday: Day of Prayer for Vocations: 3 May

In this Eastertide, Jesus is both lamb and shepherd. This play of images allows us to inhabit the Mystery and be inspired and find our true home in Jesus Christ.

The holy Gospel according to John today presents Jesus as the shepherd as well as the gate of the sheepfold. Jesus knows his sheep by name and is known and trusted by them.

"I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full." John 10:10


Today's psalm 23 is  the well-known "The Lord is my shepherd." There are many compositions incorporating the words of Psalm 23. Here are three arrangements of the psalm that are less common in our liturgies. You may like to learn and use one of these.

   The Lord's my shepherd by Stuart Townend

   Shepherd me O God by Marty Haugen

   Like a shepherd by Bob Dufford.


The 4th Sunday of Easter liturgies for the home are created by the Auckland Liturgy Office. Download these here.

Liturgy of the Word at home. Formal

Liturgy of the Word with family.

 Day of Prayer for Vocations 

Living life as vocation means tending toward the Mystery in the circumstances through which the Lord has us pass, by responding to them ... Vocation is a movement toward destiny, embracing all the circumstances through which destiny has us pass.

Fr Giussani from 'Reality and Youth. The challenge.' Milan, 2018, 65.

Prayer for vocations. Pope Francis 2020 

A Reflection on priesthood. Fr James Lyons

All six dioceses across Aotearoa New Zealand have website links to vocations including contact details. Here are links to the pages featuring stories and information on Vocations.

Auckland diocese. Here

Hamilton diocese. Here

Palmerston North diocese. Here

Wellington diocese. Here

Christchurch diocese. Here

Dunedin diocese. Here

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