Sunday Music Resources

Sunday Mass is the most regular liturgical celebration in the parish.

The primary aim of choosing music to be sung is to help the gathered assembly to ‘find its voice’ in a way that reflects the sacred time and texts of the Mass. Here are some places where musicians may find appropriate music resources for each Sunday or Feast.

Singing the Mass

Within the Sunday Mass there is a priority of texts to be sung. The General Instruction of the Roman Missal is the main source for this information and describes more fully the role and purpose of singing each of these parts of the Mass.  

The 6 sections offered below will help you to see which parts of the Mass need to be your priority when you are preparing music for the Mass so we may respond to the Word and give thanks to God most worthily.


  • Gospel Acclamation
  • Sanctus (Holy, Holy)
  • Memorial Acclamations
  • Great Amen


  • Entrance Procession (Gathering Song)
  • Gloria
  • Responsorial Psalm
  • Communion Procession


  • Penitential Rite
  • Preparation of the Altar and Gifts
  • Agnus Dei (Lamb of God)
  • Recessional Hymn (optional)


  • Greeting
  • General Intercessions
  • Eucharistic Prayer


  • Opening Prayer
  • Profession of Faith
  • Prayer over the Gifts
  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • Prayer after Communion
  • Blessing and Dismissal


  • Choir pieces
  • Solo pieces


Recommended Resources

The General Instruction of the Roman Missal 

Directory of Liturgical Music for Aotearoa New Zealand 

Music and the Mass: A Practical Guide for Ministers of Music. Second edition  David Haas

Sunday by Sunday Music Preparation

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Ministers of Music

As you seek ways to enable our musical prayer, remember that your role as a minister of music is to encourage and support the song of the assembly. Know your community, study the liturgy you serve, practise your role, and thank you for using your talents among us. The Church places great value on the music of the liturgy. May all that you do enable the shared responsibility of all who celebrate to enter actively into the prayer of the liturgy.

Considerations when selecting liturgical music

Begin with the readings and texts of the day, be mindful of images from the Word that can be reflected in your musical choices. When assessing the appropriateness of sacred music for the liturgy, other considerations would include:

  1. the choice is liturgically appropriate: it expresses the meaning of the rite it accompanies and so helps the community understand what is happening ritually;
  2. the choice is theologically appropriate: it expresses the faith of the Church as appropriate to the liturgical context;
  3. the choice is musically worthy;
  4. the choice is pastorally appropriate: it enables the full, conscious and active participation of the community and creates the appropriate 'mood and connection' to the part of the liturgy it accompanies.

Looking for music resources to help you with the preparation of the Sunday Mass?

Below is a list of helpful sites.

Music suggestions from Judith Courtney - National Liturgy Office

Suggestions for music to be used for seasons, compiled by Judith Courtney, Liturgy Advisor / Music Support, Auckland Catholic Liturgy Centre HERE

The Summit, a free online resource

This resource is designed for groups who prepare Sunday liturgies or who wish to use the Church's Sunday Scriptures as their guide. It may also be useful to catechists and parish teams preparing catechumens and candidates for the sacraments of Christian initiation. This can be found HERE

Sophy Morley, Catholic Diocese of Sale, Australia

The Living Liturgy Music resources will now require subscription to be used in New Zealand. If you want to continue to receive and use this resource we encourage you to purchase a subscription to this resource.

Br Michael Herry fms

Br Michael has written a collection of chants for various seasons and occasions. Go to downloadable sheet music and audio files.

Society of Saint Gregory (UK)

Preparing Liturgy 
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Resources for the Parish and School Musician

Music is a way of reaching the heart when words fail and is an important part of the Liturgy.

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Knowing how to introduce new music to your church is key to ensuring the assembly’s participation and maintaining the sanity of the music ministers in your community. This great resource shows musicians how to introduce new songs through four quick tips. Click Here to view the resource.

The Auckland Liturgy Office also suggests music for specific times. To view the suggestions for music within Liturgy HERE

If you a looking for frequently used waiata in liturgies there is a useful selection from the Auckland Liturgy Office. Click here.


A useful article has been written concerning singing at Mass. Click here to read.