Advent: 29 November - Be alert and ready to choose life

Be on your guard, stay awake is the message of the gospel from Mark 13:33-37. Jesus wants us to understand what is at stake when discipleship of Christ confronts each of us. The message is clear – be alert and ready to choose life.

‘Keeping watch means not giving in to the sleep that enfolds everyone. In order to watch it is necessary to have a sure hope: that the night will not last for ever, that dawn will soon break. And so it is for us: God comes and his light will brighten even the thickest darkness. But today it is our task to watch, to keep watch: to overcome the temptation of thinking that life means accumulating — this is a temptation, the meaning of life is not to accumulate, it is up to us to unmask the deception that we are happy when we have many things, to resist the dazzling lights of consumerism, which shine everywhere this month, and to believe that prayer and charity are not time wasted but rather the greatest of treasures.’

Pope Francis Homily, Vatican basilica, 1 December 2019.

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‘Lord, make us turn to you, let us see your face and we shall be saved.’

Response to Psalm 80 (79)

Psalm 80 (79) audio 'Lord make us turn to you.' HERE

Appropriate for this week is the popular ‘Awake from your slumber’  hymn titled 'City of God' by Dan Schutte.

Audio version HERE

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