Day of Prayer for Care of Creation

To talk about creation you need poetry and beauty. Along with beauty is harmony, the sense of harmony that we abandon when we narrow our focus onto some areas at the expense of others. Existence becomes lopsided when we focus on the technical and the abstract and lose our roots in the natural world. When we neglect Mother Earth we lose not just what we need to survive but the wisdom to live together as well.

Pope Francis 'Let us Dream' p33.


Excerpts of a Christian prayer in union with creation

Awaken our praise and thankfulness
for every being that you have made.
Give us the grace to feel profoundly joined to everything that is.

Praise be to you! Whakamoemiti ki te atua!

God of love, show us our place in this world
as channels of your love
for all the creatures of this earth, for not one of them is forgotten in your sight.

Praise be to you! Whakamoemiti ki te atua!

Enlighten those who possess power and money
that they may avoid the sin of indifference,
that they may love the common good, advance the weak, and care for this world in which we live.

Praise be to you! Whakamoemiti ki te atua!

The poor and the earth are crying out.
O Lord, seize us with your power and light, help us to protect all life,
to prepare for a better future,
for the coming of your Kingdom of justice, peace, love and beauty.

Praise be to you! Whakamoemiti ki te atua!


For the full Christian Prayer in union with Creation in Laudato Si' HERE

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