Feast of the Most Holy Trinity: 7 June

We can only stand in awe-struck silence before such love that is beyond boldest expectation, beyond all telling. (Karl Rahner)

On this feast of the Holy Trinity, the Word of God asks us to take on an adventure in faith.

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The Trinity icon by Andrey Rublev C1410


The Trinity is the perfect balance between

union and differentiation

autonomy and mutuality

identity and community

(Richard Rohr)

More background information on this famous icon Here

Recall how frequently we invoke the Holy Trinity in our prayer. Often we begin the Mass with the greeting:

"The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” Cor 13: 13   

We conclude the Mass with the blessing making the Sign of the Cross in English or te reo Māori

"In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen" 

"Ki te ingoa o te Matua, o te Tamaiti, o te Wairua Tapu, Amene"

Starters for preparing your Prayer of the Faithful

Ask the Holy Trinity to be in our lives with the response:  

Father Son Spirit, may your life-giving love flow into us.

  • For a greater sense of community by appreciating each person who belongs to the family of God. That each person is valued for being loved no matter what ... Compose a prayer of praise.
  • The mutual love of the Trinity is the perfect example of a life giving relationship which gives us the strength to live lives of constancy and service. Compose a prayer of repentance when we, who are forever part of this relationship, forget to honour this love through our self-centred lives.
  • Creation fills us with wonder and awe. We see your divine works in nature, in our relationships with each other and the delight that earth's beauty brings to our lives... Create a prayer of thanksgiving to the Trinitarian God who freely gifts it all.
  • The unconditional love of the Trinity strengthens and inspires us to deepen our love of neighbour. Compose a prayer of petition for our community to be witnesses to God’s mercy and love to everyone.


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Trinity abstract

We are saved by God

Through Jesus Christ

By the power of the Holy Spirit


Auckland Liturgy Centre Liturgy of the Word for Trinity Sunday 

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Main image featured is the Trinity section from the larger work 'Creation of Adam and Eve' by Anne Cameron Cutri

Image in this section 'Trinity' by ArtDreamStudio.