Lent 2023 Week One

Use these six weeks in Lent to take a long look at our lives. Are our priorities in line with God's desire for us? Imagine God is going to help transform our lives with deeper desires for love, service, joy and freedom. Try to be open to grace this Lenten season and discover God's true desire to bless us.

Pope Francis' Message for Lent 2023 "Lenten Penance and the Synodal Journey."

"We can benefit greatly from reflecting on the relationship between Lenten penance and the synodal experience."

Read the full message from Pope Francis HERE


Gen 2:7-9, 3:1-7:   Creation of our first parents, and sin

Psalm 50:3-6,12-14,17: R:   Be merciful O Lord for we have sinned.

Rom 5:12-19:   Where sin increased, there grace abounded all the more.

Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ, king of endless glory!

No one lives on bread alone,

But on every word that comes from the mouth of God.

Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ, king of endless glory!

Mt 4:1-11: Jesus fasted for 40 days and nights.   


Homily Studio.

Listen to a 30 minute podcast conversation about the scriptures for Sunday HERE


Loyola Press resources for Lent

A useful collection of ways to inspire you throughout Lent. HERE


Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand

'I am the light of the world' – Lent 2023 

There is a long list of resources available to download including:

Lent resource kit 2023


Way of the Cross

Lenten Reflection booklet in English, Sāmoan and Te Reo Māori

For more go to their website HERE


More resources will be added as we progress through the weeks of Lent.