Mission Sunday

Mission Sunday is a moment of grace to express solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Christ who are living in situations of poverty, violence and oppression. Every parish, school and community is invited to join this special event. World Mission Sunday 2021 in Aotearoa New Zealand is on Sunday 31 October.

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The picture that declared an act more audible than words was captured when Pope Francis visited and held the hands of Iraq’s most prominent Shia religious authority Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani. The Grand Ayatollah is a critique of the war-mongering messages that continue to split the two Muslim communities of Shi’ites and Sunnis apart. A leading publication in England reported that for Pope Francis, “violence in the name of religion is blasphemy; fraternity was stronger than fratricide.”

This Mission Sunday 2021, MISSIO-NZ wants to share the picture of Pope Francis, the image of a Catholic Senior Leader who has a missionary heart, mind, and practice. Since the beginning of his pontificate, he has summoned the Faithful to be missionary people whose attention should focus on its service to the world. A missionary Church is ever ancient and ever new when it is a Church that goes forth. That way, she will always be relevant – “For we cannot keep from speaking about what we have seen and heard.”

 MISSIO-NZ have available several resources for parishes and schools to use.

Go to their website for more information and a short video.


Download the poster HERE

Download the Prayer card HERE

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Mission Together Prayer for the Chidren

May all children

In the world

Share love

Share friendship and live

In the peace

Of God’s love

Now and forever.



‘For we cannot keep from speaking of what we have seen and heard.’ Acts 4:20