New Saints, New Feast Days

New saints, new feast days

Over the last seven years new saints have been canonized. The following list of feast days for these saints may be helpful for your own prayers and reflection. 

May 10: St Damien of Molokai

Patron of people suffering from leprosy and outcasts. Damien became a leader in a leper colony in Hawaii and served the people with compassion until his own death from leprosy.

Photo featured from the film Molokai - the story of Father Damien. More Information Here

May 29: St Pope Paul VI 

Named a cardinal in 1958, St Pope Paul VI helped prepare for the Second Vatican Council, and was the one to complete it after the death of his predecessor, St Pope John XXIII.  More Information Here

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July 22: St Mary Magdalene

St Mary Magdalene is the chosen example of God's boundless love and mercy. Patron saint of women and contemplative life. More Information Here

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Sept 8: St Mother Teresa of Kolkata

St Mother Teresa has been recognised for her work among the poorest of the poor. Canonized 4 Sept 2016 by Pope Francis. Patron saint of Kolkata, India. More Information Here

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Oct 11: St Pope John XXIII 

Elected pope in 1958 he opened the first session of the Second Vatican council and set in motion the major reforms of the church last century. More Information Here

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Oct 13: St John Henry Newman

English scholar and theologian, John Henry Newman has been called "the absent Father of Vatican II" because his writings on wide ranging topics were influential in shaping the council's documents. More Information Here

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Oct 22: St Pope John Paul II

Patron of labour and known as the pope of the family, St Pope John Paul II became the face and voice of the Catholic church for more than 26 years. More Information Here

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The first Sunday of October is Venerable Suzanne Aubert Celebration Day. This year it will be 6 Oct.

Founder of the Sisters of Compassion, dedicated her life in Aotearoa New Zealand to working with the poor, the sick and the vulnerable. Work towards her beatification continues. More Information Here

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