Prayers for World Day of Trafficking and Slavery

July 30 is World Day of Trafficking and Slavery and Talitha Kum International is raising awareness across the world of the fact that these modern day slavery practices are up there with the Drug Movement and creating even worse destruction.

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What does Talitha Kum mean?

It is Aramaic for “Young girl, I tell you, get up.” It is a line spoken by Jesus in the Gospel of Mark 5:41. 

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Note to Parish liturgy teams

Suggested prayers to include in the Prayer of the Faithful on Sunday 1 August.

For Freedom and Justice

We pray for some women, men and youth in Aotearoa New Zealand that are trapped in forced labour in paddocks, factories, the hospitality industry, construction industry, and in domestic service.  May we do our bit to bring justice, so that they are respected as human beings rather than reduced to commodities and tools of production.

God hear us - E Te Ariki

Response:  Hear our prayer -  Whakarongo mai ra ki a Matou.

For the Growth of Awareness in Our Businesses

On this Sunday near World Day of Trafficking and Slavery on the 30th July, may we commit to calling companies and businesses to check that  their supplier networks abroad are exploitation and slavery free. May each of us become aware when buying products such as coffee and tea to check that the sources are child-slavery free.

God hear us - E Te Ariki

Response: Hear our prayer -  Whakarongo mai ra ki a Matou. 

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