Pompallier himene revitalized

Learn the Catholic anthem Mō Maria. 

Two brief videos have been prepared to help everyone across the country learn to sing the himene Mō Maria. Over the years the versions, pronunciations and melodies of the hymn have varied from Pompallier’s original. As many people throughout the country are not familiar with the hymn, the rededication on 15th August feast of the Assumption, gives us an opportunity to promote Mō Maria as a national Catholic anthem.

These videos return to the source, the Hokianga, to learn the original text and melody from the locals.

The first is a brief documentary style introduction to the hymn.

The second a more focussed teaching resource with the words on screen to sing along with.

 “Mō Maria has to be our anthem. The first Catholic bishop of Aotearoa - right! 

It makes sense to revive Mō Maria and let everyone in Aotearoa know that. 

The time is right.”  Mina Pomare-Peita


A Powerpoint to assist in learning this himene can be downloaded from HERE

Why Mō Maria?

Curious to know more about the story behind the words of the Bishop Pompallier himene Mō Maria?

Watch this video ‘Why Mō Maria?’ and learn more of the early Catholic history of Aotearoa New Zealand. HERE

Kura singing2

   boys singingIMG 3049

A fourth video prepared by Manuel Beazley, Vicar for Maori, Auckland, is a detailed pronunciation guide. Check it out on Youtube HERE

A video of the highlights from the Rededication Mass will be available on  www.tearaamaria.nz after 16th August.