Support Life Sunday

Support Life Sunday calls each of us to be active participants in supporting life wherever we can. This year the focus is on supporting health carers, who are in the midst of actions and decisions which affect the life and death of many. Some are professional health care staff, others are family caregivers working in a less visible way. All of our parishes, schools and communities have people who are carers.

The task may seem overwhelming for fragile human hands, but we are reminded in the Gospel that things that may seem impossible to human beings are still possible for God. The first and second readings remind us that praying, reflecting and discerning with the word of God brings wisdom beyond human intellectual knowledge and understanding, and the Psalm calls on God to prosper the work of human hands.

Think of communities who in recent times have suffered earthquakes, floods and fire, as well as victims of violence and pandemic. News stories at these times happily tell of the great Samaritans in our own land; people at the front line of many of these sufferings and who are the presence of Jesus incarnate anew for us. 

We remember first responders and health-care workers, too often forgotten, until we and those we love, need their response and their care. They are indeed the word of God living and effective. Today we give thanks for their presence, their care and their inspiration and especially today we pray for them, for those they love, and for their intentions.

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