Te Wiki o te Reo Māori: Mahuru 14-20

One of the ways we can all benefit from Māori culture is by embracing the gift of Te Reo Māori in our liturgies. It is a taonga Kahurangi, a precious gift, which has been given to you by the Church. Take it. Treasure it. Pray it.

 Assembly 2020 09 07 at 5.06.47 PMThe Bishops of Aotearoa New Zealand want you to take these Māori texts, to treasure them and pray them. We owe that to our Māori sisters and brothers. Sometimes people ask why we use Māori in our liturgy. The answer is simple; it is an official language of New Zealand – the more we use Te Reo Māori in our liturgies the more our Māori sisters and brothers will feel comfortable and at home in our churches. We are committed to use some Māori in our liturgies such as the sign of the cross, a simple welcome, and maybe the final blessing. We can and must do more.

From Cardinal John’s column 'WelCom' July 2016

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A Commitment to Te Reo Māori in the Liturgy

The following are some useful files for Te Reo Māori responses in the Mass. Try introducing some of these gradually into your celebrations.

Te Reo before and after the Gospel HERE

Te Reo Introductory and Concluding Rites & before and after the Gospel HERE

Te Reo Introductory and concluding Rite for the Leader HERE

Te Reo Māori for Proclaimers of the Word HERE

Powerpoint with Te Reo Māori with all of the above plus text of Te Aroha HERE

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Prayer of the Faithful


E te Ariki …. Response: Whakarongo mai rā ki a mātou

For the success of Te Wiki o te reo Māori:

May there be a true desire among all in Aotearoa to revitalize the Māori language leading to more culturally aware and inclusive communities, schools and workplaces. 

E te Ariki

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For many Common Prayers in Te Reo click HERE

Pa Ryan’s Miha Māori Book and Tangihanga Book

For many years Pā Mikaere Ryan has produced a Miha English Maori and Funeral Rites Booklets These are still available from him at $5 dollars each (which covers actual production costs). Email Pa Ryan  pamikaere@gmail.com


Acknowledgements: With thanks to the Catholic parish of Ōtari Wellington for the use of their Te Reo resources featured here. 'Te Aroha' 1983 Morvin Simon, Whanganui.

For more background on Māori Language Week - Te Wiki o te reo Māori click HERE