The Baptism of the Lord

In the gospel today Luke describes how the descent of the Spirit in the form of a dove takes place as Jesus is at prayer. Open to the action of the Spirit, Jesus spent his earthly life teaching about justice and peace showing compassion for the poor and seeking harmonious relationships between diverse people. If we make time and space to listen and to be open to the action of the Spirit, then peace and justice will accompany our lives also.

Today The First Reading, Psalm and Second Reading from Year A may be used with the Gospel from the current Liturgical Year C.

Readings (Year C)

Is 40: 1-5, 9-11   The glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all people shall see it.

Psalm 103: 1-2, 3-4, 24-25, 27-30   Response: O bless the Lord my soul.

Titus 2: 11-14, 3:4-7  He saved us through the water of rebirth and renewal in the Holy Spirit. 

Gospel of Luke 3: 15-16, 21-22  When Jesus had been baptised and had been praying, the heavens were opened and the Holy Spirit came upon him.

Prayer of the faithful - starters

For the Church: That we will recognise the gift we have been given in being baptised and called children of God...

 E te Ariki …. Response: Whakarongo mai rā ki a mātou

For the grace to grow in maturity of faith: that the Holy Spirit will light the way for us to grow in ways that invite us to fully respond to God...

 E te Ariki …. Response: Whakarongo mai rā ki a mātou


Image on the main slider is a fresco of the Baptism of Our Lord by S Rubl (1900) located in Prague, Czech Republic ©sedmak/123RF.COM

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