Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time: 30 August

 "May the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ enlighten the eyes of our mind, so that we can see what hope his call holds for us." Gospel Acclamation

Because our dioceses are dealing with the different level two and level three Covid-19 responses, here are a selection of resources for this Sunday. Your own diocese web page may have details about Mass online.

New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) Sign of Peace

 Peace with You 2022

Given that people are being asked not to exchange a physical greeting at the Sign of Peace at present, this is an ideal opportunity for parishes and schools to learn and use the NZSL greeting. HERE

Responsorial Psalm 

Psalm 62 (63) 

Response: My soul is thirsting for you, O Lord my God

Words HERE

Audio HERE

A different audio version HERE



Do Not Be Afraid

Many times, Jesus,

you urged your friends not to be afraid.

I need to hear these words – indeed

the whole world needs to hear them –

as the siege under Covid-19 continues.

We fear a virus we cannot control,

a virus we cannot see,

a virus that separates us from one another.

Help us to trust your words and your presence

to know in our hearts that

we need not be afraid.



This is one of six heartfelt prayers while we are apart during this time of a Pandemic. 

Prayers to Bless our Togetherness in a Pandemic by James Lyons HERE 

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