Word of God Sunday: 26 January

On this inaugural Word of God Sunday let us re-commit and deepen our engagement with Sacred Scripture.

"He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures." Luke 24:45


Salvation, faith, unity and mercy all depend on knowing Christ and Sacred Scripture. To that end Pope Francis has invited us to use the third Sunday of Ordinary time to "be devoted to the celebration, study and dissemination of the Word of God."

Word of God Sunday video

View this 4 minute video by Fr John O'Connor who shares with us the importance of recognising this Inaugural Word of God Sunday.



Letter to parish administrators and DRS in schools. Provides a brief overview and purpose by Pope Francis. Here

Two versions with information for newsletters. What is the Word of God Sunday? Here

 Ideas to consider marking Word of God Sunday in a special way. Ten suggestions for you to choose from in your parish or school. Here

Lectio Divina. A method of prayer for listening to scripture with our hearts. Here

Motu proprio. The complete text of "Aperuit Illis" by Pope Francis. Here

Letter to priests for the inaugural Word of God Sunday. Provides extensive background to this new celebration in the Church's year. Here

Prayer for those entrusted with reading the Word of God in liturgies. Here

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