World Day of Prayer for Grandparents and the Elderly

“I am with you always” (Mt 28:20): this is the promise the Lord made to his disciples before he ascended into heaven. They are the words that he repeats to you today, dear grandfathers and grandmothers, dear elderly friends.  “I am with you always” are also the words that I, as Bishop of Rome and an elderly person like yourselves, would like to address to you on this first World Day of Grandparents and the Elderly. The whole Church is close to you – to us – and cares about you, loves you and does not want to leave you alone!

Message from Pope Francis for the First World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly 25 July 2021

Read the full message from Pope Francis HERE

“If you want to be a sign of hope for the world, go and talk to your grandparents.”  Pope Francis


Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster introduces this new Day of Prayer on Youtube. Dur 1.43  To view click HERE


Mural of St Joachim and St Anne by Dana Van Horn at 5.25.56 PM

Mary's parents. Mural of St Joachim and St Anne by Dana Van Horn

To find out more about Mary's parents and Jesus' grandparents watch this video clip HERE

 Prayer for Grandparents

Lord Jesus, you were born
of the Virgin Mary,
the daughter of Sts Joachim and Anne.
Look with love on grandparents
the world over.
Protect them!
They are a source of enrichment for families, for the Church
and for all of society.
Support them!
As they grow older,
may they continue to be for their families
strong pillars of Gospel faith,
guardians of noble domestic ideals,
and living treasuries
of sound religious traditions.
Make them teachers
of wisdom and courage,
that they may pass on to future generations
the fruits of their mature human and spiritual experience.




I am with you always. Matt 28:20


St Anne Mary St Joachim at 5.19.04 PM

Image of  St Joachim, their child Mary and St Anne.