World Marriage Day

“Marriage based on an exclusive and definitive love becomes an icon of the relationship between God and his people and vice versa. God’s way of loving becomes the measure of human love.” (Amoris Laetitia #70)

The Catholic Bishops Conference of England & Wales have published a booklet for the 2024 Marriage Week. Here is a ‘taster’ of the contents.

Marriage is God’s gift to men and women. It is an expression of the depth of human loving, of its enduring reality and of its likeness to the love of God. 


We ask that every marriage brings each couple closer to you and closer to holiness. 

Vocation of Marriage

Marriage is a vocation, in as much as it is a response to a specific call to experience conjugal love as an imperfect sign of the love between Christ and the Church. Consequently, the decision to marry and to have a family ought to be the fruit of a process of vocational discernment (AL 72).

Sacrament of Marriage

Pope St John Paul II said of marriage: “The Church is deeply convinced that only by the acceptance of the Gospel are the hopes that man legitimately places in marriage and in the family capable of being fulfilled.” (Familiaris Consortio #3)

Reflection on Marriage

I remember the first time I heard the idea that part of the role of a married person is to help their spouse get to heaven – my mind was blown!

Nurturing Relationships

Developing and nurturing positive relationships with those we love is so important. Here are three positive steps to think and pray about...


The link to the booklet on Marriage Week is HERE


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