Valid Baptisms

Baptism in other Christian churches is recognised as “valid’ by the Catholic Church when

  1. the Baptism must be “into Christ” (Intention)
  2. the formula must be Trinitarian (Form)
  3. Water must be used and flow over some part of the skin (matter)

These people are therefore not to be baptised conditionally. Baptism can only happen once. The Church’s presumption is that a baptism is valid unless there is serious doubt.

Recognised as Valid Baptisms

Anglican, Armenian, Church of Christ, Church of South India, Church of Sri Lanka, Congregational Churches (Except Baptist see later),Coptic Church, Disciples of Christ, Dutch Reformed Church, Episcopalians, Ethiopian Church, Free Church of England, French Protestant Church Union, Holy Catholic Church of Japan, Independent Calvinist Churches, Jacobite Churches, Liberal Catholic Church, Lusitanian Churches, Lutheran Churches, Syro-Malabar, Mar Thoma Church, Methodist, Nestorian Churches, Old Catholic Church, Orthodox Churches, Presbyterian, Protestant Church of Tuvalu, United Church of Canada, United Reformed Church, Uniting Church of Australia, Waldensian Churches, Zion Churches.

Not Valid

Pentecostal Churches – practices vary but most are not recognised as valid. This includes Assemblies of God, New Life Churches, Harvest Churches, churches of God, Holiness Assn, Christadelphian, Christian Scientists, Jehovah’s witnesses, Mennonites, Moravian Church, Mormons, Plymouth Brethren, Quakers, Moonies, Salvation Army, Seventh Day Adventists, Shakers, Spiritualist Churches, Unitarian Churches, Established Ratana Church.

These churches do not baptise infants but do baptise people from 9-13 years upwards.

Amish Church

Adventist Church: gives baptism by the valid form but not until the person is 13 or older. There is a naming ceremony for infants but it is not baptism.

Baptist Church: The baptisms are valid but are of adults only (from 13 onwards)

Therefore children are not baptised

Four Square Church: baptise from age of nine.

Some Pentecostal Churches.



New Zealand